The most commonly seen problem by gynecologists today is an abnormal PAP smear in a sexually active woman. In the majority of cases the abnormal cells are due to the presence of a sexually transmitted virus known as HPV (the human papillomavirus). Unless a woman uses a barrier contraceptive (condoms or a diaphragm) each time that she has sex she will inevitably contact the virus if she has relations with an infected partner. Unfortunately, women who carry certain forms of the HPV virus will have a 1% chance of developing cervical cancer over time! I am happy to report very good news!!! A publication in the medical literature several years ago reported that a food extract of certain vegetables was able to return abnormal cervical cells to normal. Data from my own practice has shown that a modification of this extract has not only returned the cervix to normal (resulting in a normal PAP smear), but has also reduced the HPV to the level that it no longer is detectable or is actually absent. This is an extremely exciting finding! Currently I am working with a manufacturer of a combination of products, and it is available through my office or you can order directly on the web. Both products to be taken once each day with a meal. If you are interested in having these products shipped directly to you, call my office (914-722-9300) and tell my secretary that you need BroccoProtect™ and DIM. Your credit card will be billed, and both products will be shipped immediately. They are to be taken for 3 months, and then you should have your PAP smear repeated. To order directly on the web from the manufacturer at a slight discount Click on the product to order BroccoProtect™ and DIM060.


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